Liquidity Provider Staking

WISE has an additional way of staking that rewards liquidity providers for the WISE/ETH pair if certain conditions are met. If the liquidity percentage of WISE on Uniswap falls below 20%, then you may stake your LP tokens with the WISE contract and start earning interest (on top of the trading fees you already get).

This new money comes from the 3% inflation for stakers such that, the 3% for stakers slowly decreases and the 0% for LPs slowly increases. Once this triggers, it will become valuable for a certain amount of people to LP stake since there is now a new pot of money available for LPs to earn daily interest.

An additional perk for LP staking is that you may end your stake at any time and collect your LP tokens. When the Uniswap liquidity goes back above 30%, the rewards slowly start diminishing. The staking inflation will creep back up towards 3% and the LP inflation will creep back towards 0% until triggered again.

This is a safeguard in the system that will most likely not be triggered for years if at all. Users can still choose to add to liquidity themselves at any time in order to earn about 6% ROI from fees, but the additional incentive of shares interest doesn't trigger until needed.

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