Reservation Referrals

The WISE contract has a direct, one-level referral system that rewards both the referrer and referee when a user reserves WISE tokens in the LT. This referral system is an incentive to help increase the amount of ETH sent in, in turn funding a larger and more robust initial liquidity pool on Uniswap.

When a user makes a token reservation, the front-end interface checks if their browser has a referral cookie stored. If such a cookie is present, the contract makes note of the referrer's ethereum address and associates it with the referee's token reservation. The contract also tags the user's token reservation as having been through a referral, and this reservation is credited as having been 10% more ETH than it actually was. When the user mints their reserved tokens after the end of the LT Epoch, each token reservation that was through a referral will thus mint 10% more WISE than if it hadn't been through a referral.

Users may change the referral cookie stored in their browser at any time by clicking another referrer's link. If they do, their future token reservations would be associated with the new referrer. All past token reservations for that user remain as is; their previous referrer(s) do not lose credit for their existing referred token reservations.

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