Wise Team Reimbursement

Prior to deploying the WISE contract, the Wise team will determine its total expenses incurred in developing and launching WISE. These will include wages paid to developers, fees paid to lawyers, marketing spend, and the cost of the audit.

This expense total is represented in the contract source code as a hardcoded amount of 2,000 ETH.

When the LT Epoch closes and the Circulation Epoch begins, the total ETH sent into the LT gets divided into two buckets:

  • 10% of the LT ETH (not to exceed 2,000 ETH)

  • All remaining LT ETH

The 10% (or less) bucket of ETH is then transferred to an ethereum address owned by the Wise team. The other bucket (90%+) is sent to Uniswap to create the first liquidity pool for WISE.

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