Referrer Bonuses

When the LT Epoch ends, referrers that have referred enough ETH into the system, via their referred users' token reservations, can then mint an amount of bonus WISE.

The LT referrer bonus system has two tiers. Bonuses (paid in WISE) are based on how much total ETH their referral link brought in to the LT:

  • Refer 1 - 49.999999999999999999 ETH Bonus = 0.05 ETH (paid in WISE)

  • Refer 50 or more ETH Bonus = 10% of ETH (paid in WISE), and“CM Referrer” status


  • Alice refers a few friends who, in total, send 0.83 ETH into the LT. Alice fails to reach the 1 ETH minimum for the first tier, so she earns no bonus WISE.

  • Bob refers several friends who, in total, send 3.6 ETH into the LT. Bob qualifies for the first bonus tier, so he earns a flat bonus of 0.05 ETH worth of WISE.

  • Eve creates several WISE videos and publishes her referral link on them. Users clicking her referral link send a total of 64 ETH in to the LT. Eve qualifies for the top bonus tier, so she earns 6.4 ETH worth of WISE, as well as permanent “CM Referrer” status.

Note: all referral bonuses are paid in WISE. When the LT ends, an effective total LT WISE/ETH exchange rate is calculated by looking at the total amount of ETH sent in by all users, and the total amount of WISE made available for reservation. This ratio is then used to calculate the amount of WISE for each referral bonus.

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