Token Supply

The contract has no set token supply. The total initial supply minted by users through the Liquidity Transformer will fall within a defined range, determined partially by confined randomness, and partially by referral bonuses.

The 50 day Liquidity Transformer has an average of five million WISE available each day, though some days have randomness involved. This means the total supply available in the LT will likely be around 250 million WISE. Due to referrer bonuses, there could be up to an additional 10% minted on top of that (i.e. up to 25 million more).

This total supply is then matched by a minted batch that is then sent permanently to Uniswap. The amount of WISE sent to Uniswap will be up to 10% less than what was mintable through the LT and referral bonuses, due to the team reimbursement ETH. Regardless, the ratio of WISE/ETH sent to Uniswap will match exactly the ratio of mintable LT WISE (including referral bonus WISE) to LT ETH. This ensures that the initial Uniswap price matches the overall price of the LT.

The total supply of WISE in existence after the LT and Uniswap provision is subject to LT randomness, referral activity, and whether the team reimbursement ends up being a full 10% or less due to the hardcoded cap.

For example, if we assume the randomness averages out, assume half of all possible referrer bonuses are earned, and assume the team reimbursement cap causes it to be only 5% of the LT ETH, then the total initial supply would be:

baseLTSupply = 250,000,000 WISE
referrerBonuses = baseLTSupply * 5% = 12,500,000 WISE
totalLTSupply = baseLTSupply + referrerBonuses = 262,500,000 WISE
uniswapBatch = totalLTSupply * 95% = 249,375,000 WISE

totalInitialSupply = totalLTSupply + uniswapBatch = 511,875,000 WISE

Though extremely unlikely (virtually impossible), the absolute minimum possible total initial supply (all random days get their minimum values, no referral bonuses, and a low enough LT ETH total that makes the team reimbursement exactly 10%) would be:

baseLTSupply = 180,000,010 WISE
referrerBonuses = baseLTSupply * 0% = 0 WISE
totalLTSupply = baseLTSupply + referrerBonuses = 180,000,010 WISE
uniswapBatch = totalLTSupply * 90% = 162,000,009 WISE

totalInitialSupply = totalLTSupply + uniswapBatch = 342,000,019 WISE

Though equally unlikely (virtually impossible), the absolute maximum possible total initial supply (all random days get their maximum values, maximum referral bonuses, and a high LT ETH total that makes the team reimbursement approach 0%) would be:

baseLTSupply = 319,999,990 WISE
referrerBonuses = baseLTSupply * 10% = 31,999,999 WISE
totalLTSupply = baseLTSupply + referrerBonuses = 351,999,989 WISE
uniswapBatch = totalLTSupply * ~100% = 351,999,989 WISE

totalInitialSupply = totalLTSupply + uniswapBatch = 703,999,978 WISE

The total token supply will inflate at a rate of 4% per year, starting once the Liquidity Transformer Epoch ends and the Circulation Epoch begins. Some of the new tokens will be minted directly to stakers upon closing a stake, and some minted to stake referrers. If no stakes are closed on a given day, and no stakes scrape interest on that day, no new tokens are actually minted that day, though they are earmarked to be minted later. Once a stake is closed, all tokens the stake had earmarked to it for all past days are then minted at once.

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